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Hi, we are qodin team!

Medical software development is in our DNA. That's what we do best.

We’re a diverse team of passionate, curious individuals from a wide range of technological backgrounds, dedicated to our mission of helping healthcare community with their data management.


Evangelos Logaras

Co-founder & CEO

Paris Lagakis

Co-founder & CTO

Panos Bamidis

Co-founder & CSO

Quality + coding


Why 'qodin'?

Qodin comes from the synthesis of the words quality and coding, while at the same time it sounds identical with the second synthetic, coding—yes, it was intended to do so.

We want these two words to characterize us as a team, firstly for the quality of our services and secondly for our deep and constantly evolving knowledge in the field of information technology.

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An environment of growth.

From its establishment, our company has been internally investing in innovation and research and development (R&D). Research activities are conducted by in-house and associate consultants, in conjunction with leading universities, research institutions and medical teams that ensure the articulation of emerging trends and techniques into innovative and exploitable outcomes.

Noteworthy is the activity of qodin’s key personnel in the academic world, which allows direct access to the most recent developments in digital healthcare and an easy transfer into specialized interventions and commercial products.

We are inspired by potential.

There are no shortcuts to becoming a qualified physician, respectively there are no shortcuts to developing an application capable of fully satisfying the functional requirements of medical staff in day-to-day practice.

We work side-by-side with medical advisors trying to convert medical knowledge, know-how and clinical excellence into better outcomes for our partners.