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We proudly announce qodinNotes

“After years of involvement in the field of digital health, we followed the daily life of healthcare personnel and identified the problems they face using existing tools. For this reason, we decided to develop a tool based on a novel approach, aiming to facilitate and simplify the recording process of medical data.”

— Qodin team

Less hoop jumping.

More effective documentation.

qodinNotes simplifies the clinical documentation process and reduces screen time – so you can devote more time with patients.

Without qodinNotes

A frustratingly slow process requiring valuable time that most physicians do not have, resulting in most cases of missing or no data.

With qodinNotes

Document essential patient medical data in minutes using a single screen while leveraging application’s targeted UI ergonomics.

*Complementary software that includes functionalities (by specialty or in general) not covered by the basic EMR.

Document medical data easier and faster. Shockingly faster.

qodinNotes features an intuitive and fast-to-use approach regarding medical data documentation. No unnecessary clicks, switching screens, navigating tabs or scrolling through menus and endless drop-downs; simply just start typing.

UI ergonomics, targeted to the user’s actual needs, make qodinNotes a unique and unobtrusive working experience which ensures physician’s satisfaction.

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